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Making MAFIA Catalog

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I believe that my approach to fashion as a film director / script writer sets me apart from other emerging designers.


Ever since I was a child, I've been infatuated with film and cinema. I constantly derive beauty and inspiration from film stories and the multi-faceted nature of movies. Not surprisingly, my collection reflects my adoration for the cinema. Thusly, I was inspired to present this collection in a comic format rather than the traditional catalog. I penned a film script for my latest collection, which resulted in a novel take on the conventional catalog: a comic book. The comic featured a full storyline and I used our Mafia theme in the story to create four different kinds of hand tags and packaging.  Each tag revealed the characteristics of the modern day woman who is confident, cool, and unique in their own way. We are in discussion to continue a sequel for our next clothing line. You will notice that the personalities and nuances of the characters in my 'film' are directly reflected in the clothing items in that particular collection.

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