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This limited edition T-shirt set was designed for the theme of Mafia.  There are four T-shirt designs in this set that represent the four main characters of the Mafia story - Mania, Somina, Nasia, and Cia.  These four women represent a position in the Mafia story, and each character represents a different natural element in the universe -  Mania is Moon, the Boss, Nasia is Day the Underboss, Somina is Star,the Consigliere and Cia is Night, the Caporegime.  As with the moon, Mania is cool and mysterious.  Somina, like the stars, is bright and catches people's attention.  Nasia is very youthful and vibrant like day.  Cia is dark and seductive like the night.  


Each of the four T-shirt designs was illustrated personally by Annie Wu.



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